Banksy Invades SF

Michael Pawluk – Treazon Media

This "Wharf Rat" was found next to the old arcade on Pier 39.

Famed English tagger Banksy has apparently been up to some good on a recent visit to San Francisco to promote the American debut of his new feature film Exit Through the Gift Shop which first appeared at Sundance earlier this year. This image is of one of the artists more famed elements, the depiction of a working class “wharf rat” as they are known by fans and onlookers alike. Residents have reported that there may possibly be up to a dozen unique “Banksies” in varying districts throughout San Francisco. This rat is located at Pier 39 near the old arcade museum.

“Banksy? Banksy what? I don’t know what that is but you cant just go around sprayin’ rat likeness all over town you know.”: – Disgruntled onlooker.

Detail of the tag at Broadway and Columbus

The tag of the child in a gas mask calling in an air strike on the corner of Columbus and Broadway in North Beach is visible from City lights books through a window next to a copy of Wall and peace on display. Call it coincidence but I believe this minute detail is a testament to the thought and creativity he puts into all of his pieces.

“This will look nice when its framed.” – Banksy

It may already be too late

In a similar style, there have been reports of Banksy’s work showing up in San Francisco’s Mission District, most notably the Indian Chief who is holding a spear that was integrated into a preexisting No Trespassing sign. His message seems clear and stands as another glimpse of the artists consciousness of not only “his” environment but also the vibrant history and culture surrounding the city.

“If at first you don’t succeed – call an airstrike.” – Banksy

Just between 19th st. & 20th st. on Valencia lies Amnesia, a divey little joint that you just cant help but forget,  and adorning it roof is the depiction of a small child rocking a hoody with paint bucket in tow standing sheepishly next to the words “This will look nice when its framed.”

The piece really stands out when your waking south bound on Valencia and hopefully since it’s on top of Amnesia it wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

41 Responses to “Banksy Invades SF”
  1. Raul Alanis says:

    So how can you purchase an original Banksy? Do you get his art in a frame or do you just ask him to tag your wall?

  2. Mike says:

    He was recently in L.A. as well. People were cutting out his work and stealing it. Not sure how much something like that would be worth…

  3. Julian says:

    The most interesting thing about this guy is that no one has a clue what he looks like. Even at his art shows, he doesn’t make an official appearance. He could very well be the guy standing next to you scrutinizing his work. Banksy could very well be the woman standing next to you for that matter.

  4. Breland Kent says:

    What a nice blog, thanks for sharing!

  5. I remember coming across a book full of photos of the artwork he’s done in different places. I think it’s pretty awesome!

  6. Sarah Gupta says:

    Very cool, thanks! So sneaky… I wonder what he looks like?

    • Why Banksy is automatically considered a guy? Women create art too.

      • tibris says:

        It’s pretty normal for people to use the masculine pronoun when gender is unknown, don’t get bent out of shape.

        Anyway, about the artist he/she is pretty amazing. I have a book with his/her art in it. Pretty darn cool.

      • gwynsday says:

        he appears (sort of) in his film Exit Through the Gift Shop and its pretty clear that he’s a guy. excellent movie by the way.

  7. I loved every minute of ‘Exit Through The Giftshop’… I personally HIGHLY recommend all to see it! Even if you aren’t familiar with Banksy the documentary takes on a really unexpected narrative that would keep anyone involved. It looks at the whole movement of street art and, regardless of one’s opinion, it must be remembered that movements as important as expressionism and surrealism would have got an equally mixed reaction at the time of their popularity!
    Even if you don’t think of it as ‘art’ in the purest sense… you can’t help but admire the guts of a guy (I agree women are more than capable of creating fantastic work too but he really is a guy) who did what he did at the West Bank Barrier in Israel. I think its beautiful what he did. [not to mention exceptionally cheeky]
    And… on a less artsy note… the documentary made me chuckle a few times. Its always good to have someone come along that makes me feel proud to be British.

  8. Douja says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Banksy! He is pure brilliance!!

  9. spirited says:

    hey there Michael….Did you know your blog has made the front page of WordPress….Congrads!!! Hey thanks for reminding me of Banksy – he’s awesome… I wish he’d come to Sydney and chill out and mark some stuff down here. We have water rats in my town that make London’s look like midgets… and then there’s the four legged ones as well… cheers

  10. Mr. Banksy, Syracuse, N.Y. could use some paint. Bad.

  11. marcozna says:

    Awesome. Gotta go see that film when it comes to France. If it ever gets pas the censors…
    Here are some of the stencil’s I’ve picked up in Paris pretty good but I still think Banksy and Dolk are the best.

  12. Menotyou says:

    nice. always been a fan of street art since i was a little kid living by the tracks. trains would pass my house tagged from all over the country. when the train moved at just the right speed, (not too fast not too slow) it was like watching a box car narrative scroll by.

    never heard of this guy (or girl…sigh to the republic of p.c.) so thank you thank you thank you for putting this in my path.

  13. Songbird says:

    Banksy is amazing! My favorite of his is the mouse with the blood red letters: Where’s Hollywood?

  14. Shanon says:

    He is my favorite artist of all time, and I say he b/c I’m pretty sure in one of his books, which I unfortunately did not buy, but read in a bookstore in Boston, said he was a he, while also explaining why he uses stencils…pretty interesting.

  15. Glad that the Banksy wave has hit America. I went to see his exhibtion (which was entirely free by the way) in his hometown in Bristol and it was great. The amount of thought that he expresses with a simple image is incredible and he does not even claim the fame for it. Absolutely brilliant.

  16. thecodger says:

    My grandson recently added a Banksy link to my “blog roll” so I am becoming familiar with him that way. Thanks for this added information.

    The Codger

  17. Jilly says:

    Just read a review on ‘Exit through the Gift Shop’ looks like a great movie. Love what Bansky is doing would like to see his art around Denver.

  18. homelessgirl says:

    I love the native American one. The best banksy is when it has a poignant message

  19. NiceArtLife says:

    Bansky si a great artist, I like his style and humor too!

  20. sonsothunder says:

    Congratulations on making the (Freshly Pressed) Headliner…
    Your blog about some one else’s Art Work is not only interesting, and enlightening, but, the abstract blog construction that you have created here, well, it’s a piece of eye candy in and of it’s on Artistic realm.
    GREAT WORK.. I think it looks better framed, to be honest than Banksy’s stuff.

  21. katz says:

    My favorite Banksy down here (LA) is a wharf rat with the caption “I’m out of bed and dressed. What more do you want?” I love it because I feel that way most days.

    It’s too bad graffiti has such a bad reputation. I think it’s beautiful. I talked about it a little on my blog.

  22. utherdoul says:

    Banksy is great – his art really adds to the general mood of Bristol. Glad to see he’s going international. Gotta get a look at the film, somehow.

  23. will the real banksy please stand up. please stand up.

  24. Chris says:

    The guys over at Uptown Almanac mentioned that it may not have been Banksy art, but might be another street artist who was in town when many of these pieces went up. Just sayin’, at this point seems Banksy can create art without actually being there.

  25. GraceKay says:

    I wasn’t familiar with Banksy but decided to read your blog. Very interesting, there are other cool images on google if you search his name.

    I also found this website:

    BUT, who knows….

  26. Richard says:

    Love Banksy – a friend of mine has a book of all is artwork – talk about amazing!

  27. Nice little blog, I’d definetly recommend ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ though the handheld camera work in some sequences will put some off. Banksy work is great but the doc. isn’t a vanity project and highlights in one way or another a huge amount of grafitti artists from across the world and explores their world. The more you know we Banksy the more you can appreciate it, though you can just enjoy it as pictures.

    Keep up the good work.


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  29. Talid says:

    Hey,Banksy is Just an art fag. He used(abused) lots of lobby and promotion to get in to the market and and guys like Steve lazarides or Those guys around zerocool and POW are all doing evil things not art.they may go into the art history ,no problem with that because all things in todays life is about brainwashing. even the whole new history of human whole be some thing like advertisement in near future.I love street art ,and i love many banksy works . but i totaly have no respect to banksy himself. he is just a fag for market.

  30. leadinglight says:

    If any one wants to know the identity of Banksy, it is currently up for sale on E-Bay for the sum of one million dollars. Who wants to pay up that bad?

  31. Schnettler says:

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